Covid 19 Efforts

SKETS Hope Centre Free Vaccination Camp

Shanti Mittal Devi Foundation – SKETS Hope Centre has been working relentlessly to provide aid and support in the crucial time of Covid-19. Since Feb, 2020, Shanti Devi Mittal Foundation  – SKETS Hope Centre has been working on charitable activities like ration, face mask, sanitizer distribution to name a few. A free corona vaccination camp was organized by Shanti Devi Mittal Foundation on 2nd July 2021, in which more than 300 people were vaccinated. All the people followed the safety rules and drive was conducted successfully in presence of Mentor of the Foundation CA Nitin Mittal and Patron Mr. Suresh Bindal.

Distributed Covid -19 quarantine medicines boxes

India’s surge in infections began around mid-March and increased rapidly, reaching a peak of more than 400,000 recorded daily cases on Friday, 30 April. Most of the hospitals are full or don’t have beds or oxygen for the patients in this crucial time SKETS Hope Centre – Shanti Devi Mittal Foundation has donated 400 Covid quarantine medicines boxes including multivitamins, antibiotics, cough syrup, paracetamol , thermometer, Betadine mouth wash, digestives etc.
We wish a speedy recovery from this contagious disease. Together we will fight and eradicate it!

Providing Oxygen Concentrators to People

India is facing 2nd wave of Covid-19 pandemic. With millions succumbing to the virus and countless losing their loved ones with possibly grave consequences. Our team proactively participated in educating them about the preventive measures , social distancing, hygiene etc. there are many people who are struggling for their life due to lack of oxygen supplies in hospitals and market due to high demand of Oxygen, SKETS Hope Centre is dedicated to provide Oxygen concentrators to needy. We have imported/purchased around 25 oxygen concentrators from Germany and some Indian made, We are committed to help the needy in this pandemic.

Testimonial video from Sh. Kamal who was assisted by our NGO by oxygen concentrator for his father. We pray for his speedy recovery. Together we can eradicate Corona

Testimonial for support through Oxygen Concentrator to Sh. Vipul Gupta’s father by Skets Hope Centre . We are determined to help the needy in this pandemic.

Video Testimonial by CA Mukesh Dutt who was provided Oxygen concentrator for his brother. By God’s grace he recovered well.

Another Testimonial by Advocate Naveen Sharma whose wife benefitted from oxygen concentrator provided by Skets Hope Centre.

The Second wave of covid-19 virus is more dangerous then the previous virus, because of the combination of a large asymptomatic population in the society and the presence of more infectious variants of the virus during the second wave, which is much steeper than the first wave that peaked in September,  In this difficult time Mr. Suresh Mittal, the founder of the SKETS Hope Center, run by East Delhi’s social organization Shanti Devi Mittal Foundation, which is involved in various social functions, is also a pioneer to help different sections of the society in this covid epidemic. This institution is providing oxygen machines / concentrators free of cost to assist different sections of the society in this oxygen shortage situation. The organization has purchased more than 20 oxygen machines and more than 50 people have benefited from this epidemic in the last one month. This organization has been helping people in the covid epidemic for the past one year. This institution has made more than 50,000 masks and distributed. Provided sanitisers to various people. Provided ration and make employment available in our tailoring training center. Under normal circumstances, this institution runs a free training center in which a six-month course in tailoring, computers and beauty parlors is conducted. In addition to this, children from class III to VII are given free coaching in all subjects.

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Mask Distribution To Needy People

The team from Shanti Mittal Devi Foundation and SKETS Hope Centre went on a full scale social fight against corona through awareness & distribution programs. We have distributed 50,000 + masks and still counting since corona outbreak as on December 20. During lockdown, when there was scarcity of masks, we were preparing reusable cloth masks with special permissions to operate and distributing them at Delhi government food centers, NGO’s, door to door distribution, local MCD councilors, vegetable markets, weekly markets, local police stations etc. It was a uphill task to arrange raw cloth, threads, elastic etc. due to lockdown, however we managed to arrange the materials and supported the community. 

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Sanitizers Bottle and Food Distribution

SKETS Hope Centre is performing its part during this pandemic by providing free 2000 bottles hand sanitizers and free food ration to socially and economically backward section of society. Sanitization machines with chemicals were also distributed to carry sanitizations in the neighborhoods. There have been regular visits to our centre by local NGO’s, Delhi Police, media, beneficiaries etc. for seeking support for the cause and we are always coming forward to help in best possible way.

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Door To Door Awareness campaign

Awareness program also were done for the pandemic related issues by doing door to door campaign. Daily wage laborer’s, auto rickshaw drivers, house helps, general public and thousands of others were at a huge risk of contracting Covid-19, with possibly grave consequences. Our team proactively participated in educating them about the preventive measures , social distancing, hygiene etc.

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Employment For Women's in Lockdown

When there was lockdown happened in march there were a lot of women who were not having any source of income and having financial problems and don’t had enough money to feed their family and complete their needs in this difficult time SKETS Hope Centre came forward to help those people and taken special permission from the government to make masks and followed all the guidelines that has ben given by government and bring employment for women they created around 70,000 masks in lockdown those distributed to people. The employment was also generated where ladies were paid for stitching masks, it was very helpful to support them when every day has been a struggle due to income instability during pandemic.

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Financial Assistance to artists

Lockdown happened in March and all types of programs and events were closed due to pandemic from that time there were many people who all were dependent for their livings in those kind of events like folk dance singing and other such professions they were in very difficult time because nobody had idea that how long the lockdown will be continued. Artist don’t had any source of income for such a long period of time. SKETS Hope Centre came forward to help those people. We planned to support such people through Financial Assistance to artists, musicians etc. who are in distress due to Covid Pandemic by Skets Hope Centre.

SKETS Hope Centre, to counter CORONA pandemic, created multiple social campaigns alongside with its volunteers from Shanti Mittal Devi Foundation to create thousands of face masks, which were distributed for free amongst the poor & uninformed. Apart from this SKETS Hope Centre contributed toward about 1 lakh rupees towards PM Care funds and did multiple donations to the other local NGOs. The fight against Corona is huge and SKETS Hope Centre is performing its part during this pandemic by providing 80K+ free masks, free hand sanitizers, employment to women & free food ration to socially and economically backward section of society. For them, every day has been a struggle due to income instability in pandemic. After watching the efforts that has been provided by us in the covid-19 pandemic time we are being appreciated as ” Corona Commando” by “Ek Prayash NGO” For providing Mask and Sanitizers to them.

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