SKETS Hope Centre

SKETS Hope Centre worked relentlessly on creating awareness about COVID-19 with multiple social campaigns like free face masks and food distribution for poor & needy parts of society

SKETS Hope Centre Corona Relief Efforts

SKETS Hope Centre, to counter CORONA pandemic, created multiple social campaigns alongside with its volunteers from Shanti Mittal Devi Foundation to create thousands of face masks which were to be distributed for free amongst the poor & uninformed. Apart from free food ration distribution, mask distribution, employment generation for women; SKETS Hope centre contributed toward about 1 lakh rupees towards PM Care funds and did multiple donations to the other local NGOs. The fight against Corona is huge and SKETS Hope Centre wishes to do its part in uplifting socially & economically backward section of society during this pandemic by providing free masks & food ration to needy people of capital of India. SKETS Hope Centre, in all ways; respects, salute and stands with front line Corona warriors.

SKETS Hope Centre Campaigns to Aware against Corona Fight Against Corona Help Against Corona

Mask & Food Distribution at MCD School
Employment Generation through mask making
Making Masks at SKETS Hope Centre
SKETS Hope Centre SHO Mandawali Visit
SKETS Hope Centre Food Distribution
SKETS Hope Centre Food Distribution